Happy Halloween Everyone!

Skellington Cake PopsI just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.  Thank you all who have visited my site and have shown an interest in my recipes.  I really appreciate it.

These Jack Skellington cake pops were so easy to make!  Just follow the directions on any of the many websites showing how to make cake pops, using the white melting chocolates for the head and black for the features.  If you can’t find black candy melts, just dye a few white ones with black candy food color.  Make sure to use the specific one for candy as they are different and not interchangeable.  Also, tying the bow tie ribbon before dipping them makes it easier to maneuver.  Just slide it to the bottom of the stick and slide it back up once the cake pop is dry.

Every year, I make costumes for many of my grandchildren–those under the age of 12.  I used to make them for all of them, but it just got to be overwhelming with 17 grandchildren. Here is one of my favorites this year.  I made the costume, mom was in charge of the hair and makeup.  Amelia really gets into character.  Or maybe she is just sad because she will be 12 her next birthday and no longer eligible for a grandma-made costume next year. Hmmm…

Edward Scissorhands Costume