About Me

My name is Amparo, named after my favorite aunt, but I go by Amy.  I love to cook–especially on rainy days.  I haven’t always loved to cook, but I have always loved baking.  I come from a long line of excellent Mexican cooks and found it daunting to compete, _MG_8659abespecially with my mother.  When she became elderly, I feared losing all of the family recipes forever, so whenever time would allow, I would go to her house and we’d cook together.  But all of her magical recipes were in her head.  As she cooked, she would add “a little of this” and “a little of that” to a recipe, so before she could throw it into the mix, I was ready with the measuring spoons to scoop the ingredient she had “measured” in the palm of her hand and wrote it down!  That was one of my brilliant ideas in life.  I bonded with her and now that she is gone and we have our annual family tamale-making parties at Christmas, or just have a craving for some good Mexican food, we pull out those recipes and reminisce about our mother and grandmother.

My love of baking also comes from my mother.  As a young wife, she worked in a bakery and learned to make and decorate cakes.  I remember as a young girl watching her create these lovely wedding and birthday cakes.  When I became a young mother, this knowledge helped me to supplement our household income.  I owe that to my mother.

I am the mother of four (3 daughters and 1 son), and I am now a grandmother of 17 plus 3 through marriage, ranging from college ages down through preschool.  They are singers, actors, musicians, athletes, professionals, missionaries, and the apple of their grandmother’s eye.  Of course, my kids are pretty awesome, too, and so are their spouses.  It makes family reunions so much fun.

I work full time as a School Secretary at an alternative high school working with at-risk kids.  The staff are amazing people who make these kids’ lives a priority.  I love my job.  My co-workers love me because they are my taste testers.  If a recipe is not a rousing hit, I don’t post it.  But usually, they all want to know when the recipe will be on my blog.

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, but have grown up in California since the age of 4.  I recently lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for four years since half of my family lives there.  I did some growing up there, too.  I like to think I’m still growing.

The recipes you will see on my blog are a compilation of authentic Northern Mexican recipes  passed down through generations, great recipes from friends and coworkers through the years, and recipes I have discovered and now cannot live without.  I am excited to begin this journey and hopefully, you will enjoy it, too.